About Us

Great images are like headlines; they grab our attention.

You need quality photographs to connect you with your audience. Whether you want to showcase your product or service, capture your Team in action, document a great event, design your latest album or book, or want art for your walls, Only1AndyWright Photography & Design is your one-stop shop for creative photography solutions. 

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ANDY WRIGHT - Owner, Principal Photographer and Creative Director.

When we work together the focus (sorry, couldn't resist) is on you; what is it that you are looking to communicate with your audience? We'll collaborate to determine what stories or ideas you want to share and how. You are the expert on your business; do what you do best and I'll do the same, which is to capture dynamic, authentic images to connect you with your market. We'll keep it simple, creative and easy! I take a wide variety of photos so think of me as your "Swiss Army Knife" of photographers.

CLAIRE DONNISON - Co-Owner and Operations Manager.

A short title that sums up my role of "doer of whatever needs to be done." I take care of the administration of our business (paperwork, yuck!) and the studio to make sure that everyone feels welcome, safe and inspired to be creative and playful. I'm also Andy's (sometime) assistant and love planning or discovering shots to be taken. We often hear people say "I hate having my photo taken." and one of the most satisfying aspects of what we do is having those same people , after working with us, exclaim "That was so much fun!"

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Please visit CuriosityClicks for limited edition prints of our art. Free world wide shipping with 10% of the proceeds donated to The Word Forest Organisation.